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Continuous development of teaching skills

Classroom practice and observation

Professeurs en formation dans une salle de classe en train d'observer et prendre des notes

Would you like a short, practice-oriented training course that allows you to acquire the teaching methods and tools needed to design and run a course?

The internship allows you to attend courses and to take part in classes prepared with the tutor/teacher of the observed class.

Training modules are structured around these practices.

Learners: those wishing to undergo initial training or their first FLE teaching experience

TIme: 111 hours

Summer teaching placements

Jeune femme de face dans une salle de formation avec en fond un groupe de personnes en train de travailler

We offer over 40 training courses in a variety of formats: theoretical and practical provisions, sharing of experience with other FLE teachers from around the world and discovering the capital through teaching pathways in Paris.

Time: 51 hours

Summer 2017 calendar:

  • 3 to 13 of July 2017 (14 July is a public holiday)
  • 17 to 28 July 2017
  • 31 to 11 August 2017

Long-distance modules on various topics

Jeune femme en train de réviser sur un canapé avec classeur et ordinateur

Are you already a teacher wishing to hone your skills? 9 modules focusing on various areas, subjects and learner types are available long-distance.

Select the module or the modules that are right for you, according your needs or those of your institution, and combine them to suit you.

You can benefit from a training platform with trainers that specialise in your area, long distance and at your own pace.

This training will be delivered in partnership with the CNED (the French National Centre for Distance Learning) and can be included in your institution's training plan.

Continuous development of teaching skills