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Professional workshops

Objectives of the workshops

4 hours to achieve a specific professional objective in French and gain confidence in your work.

Workshop : réussir ses présentations orales (succeed in oral presentations)

  • Prepare your materials (fact sheets and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Structure your intervention (introduction, development and argumentation)
  • Adapt to communication situations (formal/informal)
  • observe and analyse your filmed performance
  • Upcoming dates
  • Workshop : être efficace en réunion (be effective in meetings)

  • Debate, negotiate, moderate exchanges
  • Improve note-taking
  • Adapt to communication situations (formal/informal)
  • Putting into practice and analysing
  • Upcoming dates
  • Duration of the workshop

    2 sessions of 2 hours per workshop

    Days and Schedules

    Mondays and Wednesdays

    6:30pm to 8:30pm


    B1 / B2

    Entry test


    Teaching methods

    Documents selected by the teacher


    Specific dates

    Professional workshops