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Online French courses for adults (from Paris with love !)

4 hour courses, 9 hour courses, French through theater, grammar and speaking workshops are available online :

Paris's official centre for French language and culture, Alliance Française provides the best choice of French classes and innovative workshops for all levels in Paris since 1883! Rediscover the pleasure of learning with a team of expert teachers and support staff. Alliance Française pairs fun and fully-immersive group French classes with enriching cultural and social events in its iconic historic building. Whether your interests are linguistic, cultural or professional, there is a course for you at Alliance Française de Paris!

General French courses

4 hour and 9 hour courses available online !

Our standard French classes provide the best means of developing the student’s skills in French in the four core areas : speaking, listening, reading and writing. The focus is on everyday interactions in a relaxed and friendly environment ! These popular classes are available mornings and afternoons. For more efficiency, you can combine them with our workshops (grammar and speaking).

Focus French workshops


Struggling with French grammar or pronunciation ? Check out our options to focus on your specific objectives and area of interest, so you can improve your French based on your needs.

Online French practice

Improve your French with daily customized lessons that arrive right in your inbox ! Frantastique method consists of a daily email featuring a story, a selection of exercises, videos, or text, and personalized feedback based on your level and interest.

Online Private lessons

From beginner lessons to advanced conversation, we will design a curriculum specific to your needs, combining live sessions on a VC platform and individualized assignments.

Language Excursions

Not available online !

An exclusive and fun 6 hour program to learn the basics of the French language or to improve your level through famous themes of French culture and practice in the heart of the Latin Quarter !

French in professional environment

Not available online !

These classes aim at equipping adults to interact with French-speaking individuals in a professional environment. With notes on cultural and professional norms, this series is perfect for students in the corporate world or willing to join it.


French courses